Seasonal Color Consultation:

A Seasonal Color Consultation takes around 3 hours. Your Color Palette is comprised of about 90 individual fabric swatches that harmonize with and enhance you.

After the Color Consultation, more swatches will be added to create a full and beautiful Color Harmony that is completely unique to you.

Your Color Palette is carefully crafted and made by hand, in the time-honored way. $450


Add your Shopping Fan: 

The Shopping Fan is your portable palette, essential when shopping for clothes, upholstery, paint, furniture, etc. Your Fan will be expertly made from your chosen fabric swatches and will be organized with labels to identify the category of color (Neutrals, Skin Tones, Eye Color, etc), as well as suggested uses and special powers of each color.                         $150 (+shipping) when ordered w/your Color Palette (or $200 (+shipping) if ordered later)


“I’ve had my Colors done. What’s next?”

Closet Alignment: We move to your closet to review and release what no longer serves you. You end up with a fresh and revitalized wardrobe that aligns with your new knowledge. We will organize your closet by Color and type of clothing, and we will make a list of specific items that your wardrobe needs.                                                                                                                             $150/hr with a 3-hour minimum*


Shopping: Finding clothes in your Colors and Line-of-Design is the next level of integrating your Colors. We meet at the store and pull clothing that is on your palette. You will have a first-hand, in-the-mirror experience of what your colors do for you. It is thrilling. Shopping becomes a celebratory and delightful experience. Together, we will create a list of words that capture the essence of your clothing expression, making your future shopping trips easy and efficient.           $150/hr with a 3-hour minimum*Shopping collage

* outside of a 30 mile radius of Soquel, travel expenses will be added.


International & Online Color Consultation:  

For those who are unable to travel to us for a Color Consultation, we offer an Online Color Analysis. This option is offered to the Color enthusiast who wants an expert Seasonal Color Analysis, but may be too far away to see me in person.

You will be asked to provide a variety of photos (a list will be given to you) and other information that will help us accurately assess your unique Colors and Seasonal Typing. This is a more time-consuming process, and well worth the extra time it takes.                              $600 (+shipping).

Add the Shopping Fan:                                                                                                                             $150 if ordered and shipped with the Color Consultation.                                                                     $200 (+shipping) if ordered later.


Gift Certificates are available.