Summer Colors are complex, not easily defined. They are often subdued, luxurious Colors that may include iridescents, jewel-tones, floral-inspired pastels or deep wines and berry tones. Transparent Color is especially nice on Summers. 

There are no pre-packaged Summer Colors. You can see that all of these Color Palettes are different from each other, but the affect the Colors have are similar. These Colors highlight the femininity and prettiness of these Summers.

Summer people look beautiful wearing Colors that are close to each other in value or tone; subtle combinations of blended or related Colors (no sharp contrast). Colors worn this way will tend to soothe, center and empower them.

Summers do not feel good in heavy tweeds, anything stiff or thick, or anything jangly or loud.

In choosing clothing, Summers look for ovals or figure-eights. Words to describe their clothing: soft, graceful, curvaceous, flowing, abundant, rich and/or ethereal. The key to Summer clothing is femininity.

Fabrics are soft, rich and romantic feeling: Alpaca, Angora, Cashmere, Challis, Chiffon, Crepe de Chine, Damask, Embossed Fabrics, Faille, Jersey, Vicuna, Tencel, smooth knitted fabrics, Satin, Silk, Silk Mohair, Soft Wool, Suede, Sheer Lace, Velvet and Velour.

Summers tend to gravitate towards Shawl Collars, Softened V-necks and Cowl necklines.

Their patterns convey curves. Think naturalized life forms, birds, wisteria, flowing ribbons, trailing roses, garlands, cascading designs, ferns, watery-looking florals, soft bell shapes, soft bows.


Please Note: The Seasonal qualities and style suggestions listed here are generalities. While we do believe that each person’s resonance falls within one Season, we know that the complexities and unique personal expression cannot be defined by the broad strokes above. Not every Summer will wear everything above.