Colors are clear, undiluted. The Colors are fresh and joyous to look at – and they feel refreshing to these Springs when they wear them.

There are no pre-defined Spring Colors that are worn by all Springs. You’ll notice that the Color Palettes are different from each other, but the affect of the Color on each person is similar: fresh, casual, easy, honest, natural, clear, clean and refreshing.

In choosing clothing, these people look for circles or anything that suggests roundness or buoyancy. Think quilted jacket, gathers, ruffles, puffed sleeves or Peter Pan collars.

They might try polka-dots, rounded lace, pom-pom trim and fun prints in their colors.

Patterns convey energy. Think confetti, polka dots, small checks and plaids. Try florals, anything whimsical, bows, donuts, lobsters, anchors, bubbles, fleur-de-lis, birds, butterflies or tacos. 

Their fabrics tend to be crisp and fresh feeling: Cotton, Crisp Lace, Crisp Wools, Dotted Swiss, China Silk, Eyelet Embroidery, Gingham, Organdy and Linen.

Spring people often feel and look great wearing their versions of red, yellow and blue all together. Colors worn together in this way uplift them. For most Springs, clothing has to feel refreshing and easy.

Please Note: The Seasonal qualities and style suggestions listed here are generalities. While we do believe that each person’s resonance falls within one Season, we know that the complexities and unique personal expression cannot be defined by the broad strokes above. Not all Springs are going to like everything above.