Autumn Palettes reflect the metallic values of bronze, copper and oxidized gold. These Palettes tend to be rich, mellow and/or intense, and undertoned with brown, as if toasted.

In true Seasonal Analysis, there are no pre-set Autumn Colors. There are no stereotypes. Each person resonates with different aspects and intensities of the Autumnal expression. It is the job of the Color Analyst to find each individual’s perfect resonance and Harmony.

Autumn people can be very attractive using complimentary combinations of their particular Colors.

They might think about Chinese Lacquer tones, Oriental, Egyptian and/or Renaissance intensities.

When choosing their clothes, they look for lines that are swift or angular; lines that suggest power, structure, speed, action, control and authority (like pockets or epaulets). They may also feel great in clothes that feel nubby or have a grounded, earthy quality. They might try tassles, fringe, bangles, scarabs or feathers.

 Bark, Challis, Chenille, Damask, Egyptian Cotton, Faille, Linen or Flax, Gabardine, Velvet and Velveteen, Hand-loomed fabrics, Herringbone, Jersey, Burlap, Jacquard Weaves, Lame’, Paisley, Satin, Serge, Shantung, Wool

Autumns don’t feel good in things that feel sweet or frilly.

Autumn patterns include paisley, stripes, plaids, tapestry, leaves, botanicals and flowers with points. Also try ethnic, oriental, pagan or jungle designs.



Please Note: The Seasonal qualities and style suggestions listed here are generalities. While we do believe that each person’s resonance falls within one Season, we know that the complexities and unique personal expression cannot be defined by the broad strokes above.