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Lois Marlow-Scott has been creating Personal Color Palettes for 45 years. When she started working with Suzanne Caygill* in the 1960′s, Lois did not intend to learn how to do personal colors. She feels that, because she didn’t try hard to “learn” it, the information came to her in a profound way. At Suzanne’s side, Lois began to see and feel the undefinable essence of each person, in color. When Suzanne decided to write her book, “Color, the Essence of You,” she moved into Lois’s house for a few weeks so they could immerse themselves fully. Now, at 80 years old, Lois maintains her passion and skill for creating beautiful and accurate palettes.

Cathy Williams had her first palette done by Suzanne Caygill in 1979. She then attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco, pursuing her love of color. Cathy has known Lois for more than 30 years and, in the past years, has been working at her side creating palettes. Cathy combines her life-long love of color with a deep connection with Nature. Her intuitive abilities help to create an accurate and inspired Color Palette. Cathy’s special skills in shopping and closet alignment help clients further integrate their colors into their lives.

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Cathy and Lois work from a combined Color Lab of over 10,000 colors. They both give special attention to each person they work with. They insist that their main job is to get out of the way, so that the true essence of each individual will reveal itself through the color. They also insist upon much laughing.

Lois and Cathy work from Soquel and San Jose, CA.

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*Suzanne Caygill developed the original theory of Personal Colors, based on the Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 8780a3e1e2637bdaa83c8855b682b46a

Suzanne saw deeply into the essence of her clients, revealing the truest expression of each person. She identified, through color, that often hidden ‘something’ that is unique in every human being.

Her powerful legacy lives on in the work of Lois Marlow-Scott and Cathy Williams.


It is a wonderful thing to know the power of your colors.